Our Mission

The James Metz Memorial Fund’s primary mission has been to provide kids of all ages the chance to experience full lives that create strong bonds with their friends and families through the sport of basketball.  Combined with the Lancaster community, the Metz family has revitalized the courts at Keysa Park.

Our secondary goal is to offer college scholarships to high school seniors who have participated in music and athletic programs while in high school.   You can view the scholarship requirements here.


  1. Angela Watz

    My family loves playing basketball on the courts at Keysa Park, but they are definitely in need of repair. This is a wonderful way to honor your brothers memory and to make a difference in our community. Please keep us informed on how we can help.

  2. Pam Feness

    What a wonderful tribute to an amazing young man. We would love to help in any way possible.
    John and Pam

  3. karen sanner

    Donovan, this is a GREAT idea! Maybe they can paint the backboards blue(is that what they are called?). You know what I mean right? Love ya, Karen.

  4. Corinne Rudz

    This is so awesome! I will certainly be spreading the word.

  5. Laura Kohlhas

    Donovan, I can’t picture one of you without the other, both with big smiles on your faces. It was always touching to see brothers so close and truly enjoying each other’s company. I’m so sorry for your loss, and know James would be impressed with this mission. We will absolutely help.

  6. Matthew Murphy

    My wife Carolyn and I send our condolences. We are owners of Aurora Imprints here in Lancaster. We are offering our services by creating a t-shirt to help raise money for your cause. Please feel free to contact us (716) 512-9182 if we can be of assistance.

  7. Amanda Sieracki

    James will always be in our hearts as well as Donovan and his entire family. Growing up with the boys and our families will always bring the best of memories to me. My heart goes out to all of you and we will be helping as much as we can!

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