My Brother

My brother was the nicest brother anyone could ever ask for.  He gave me all kinds of advice on how to be cool at the middle school and high school. He played basketball and he was the best at it compared to all the other kids I know.  He didn’t play for any organized teams, but had his mind set on his goal. Being my teacher, he taught me all kinds of tricks and moves.

He was 14 when he passed and that is not fair at all. He played only one video game but not as much as he played outside. His favorite game was NBA 2K14. His favorite player was LeBron James. His favorite color was blue.  His favorite number was 18, and his favorite basketball team was the Cleveland Cavaliers.

  1. Adam Crowe

    I was best friends with James, when he passed, we all lost a great friend. James would always be there and could put a smile on your face. As weird a kid he was, he was a great kid. He will forever live on in our hearts and will always be remembered. I love you james.

  2. Joseph Flading

    This website is awesome. I know we can make this happen and i know james would love this. I think this is a fantastic way to honor James. Stay strong everyone

  3. Zachary Bojanowski

    I grew up with James and even though we grew apart over the years I will always remember seeing him happiest just shooting hoops in the street with Donovan and all his friends.

  4. Hayley mildenberger

    hey Donovan, I’m really sorry buddy. if you don’t remember me you were in my switch class in 5th grade and I used to live around the corner from James. he was the funniest kid ever & he always had a smile on his face. we just have to smile in James’ memory… that’s what he’d want us to do. if you need anything you can always text me or talk to me in school.. love you buddy

  5. Veronica Schirmer

    I am so sorry for your loss. It sounds like James was an amazing brother, son, friend, student and just all around wonderful human being :) You were very lucky to have had each other. Lots of love and prayers to you and your family.

  6. Antonio Silva

    Awe donavan, i hope it gets better soon and ur family pushes foward

  7. Janice

    my heart is broken for you and your family , I have put my check in the mail . I will send another next month. Anything I can do I will . How lucky you are to have known James and have him a part of your family . I know Jesus is holding James in his loving arms until your togather again . Your in my prayers God bless you always .

  8. Christina & Schrec

    I’m not on the book of faces, but I’ve sent this old fashioned email style to my network.
    We love you guys so much!

  9. Marissa peters

    I’m your aunts student at starpoint and my friends and I are praying for your family, I’m very sorry hopefully your friends are helping you get through your loss, it will get better and your brother is looking down on you and I’m sure is very proud of you

  10. Maddie F.

    I am so sorry for the passing of James to all of those who feel immense pain. My heart breaks at the thought of losing such an amazing person, friend, brother, son, and human being. It sounds like James was a person who always brightened up the room wherever he went. I can not even decipher how horrible it would be to lose such an amazing person. Also, James’ brother, you are doing a great job in keeping James glorified. I am only 12 and have heard much about this fund. You are doing an amazing job, keep up the good work! I know James would have been very proud and happy with your work.

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